Pandemics and Society webinar series February to June, 2022


One Society Network webinar series explores dynamics between pandemics and diverse aspects of society.

The One Society Network (OSN) – isoffering introductory seminars, beginning February 20th, 2022  to June that give an overview of the dynamic connections between pandemics, like COVID-19, and diverse aspects of society. These seminars will explore the comprehensive impacts of pandemics and pandemic response on some key sectors of the economy and population subgroups, including the environment, education, agriculture and marginalized populations, among others.

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Check out latest info on upcoming seminars:

Feb 10, 2022: On Modelling the Economic Impacts of Policy Responses to Pandemics

Feb 24, 2022: Environment sector

Mar 10, 2022: Healthcare sector

Mar 24, 2022: Transportation sector

Apr 21, 2022: Education sector

May 12, 2022: Agriculture sector

May 19, 2022: Mathematical modelling & epidemiology

May 26, 2022: Interprovincial response

Jun 16, 2022: Marginalized populations

Past seminars will be recorded and posted online