Cheryl Waldner

Dr. Cheryl Waldner is a professor of epidemiology from the University of Saskatchewan and the NSERC/Beef Cattle Research Council Senior Industrial Research Chair in One Health and Production Limiting Disease. She is particularly interested in antimicrobial use and resistance as well as the prevention and control of infectious diseases. She leads a multimillion dollar research program funded by Genome Canada, NSERC and the beef industry related to antimicrobial stewardship and surveillance, the health and productivity of beef cattle, developing genomic diagnostic tools to inform AMU in feedlot cattle, water quality and farm-to-fork management of food safety. Her current research is focussed on the use of system science tools, including system dynamics and agent-based models, to understand the impact of rapid diagnostics and infection prevention measures on the transmission of AMR among livestock and within the food chain and environment. Dr. Waldner has more than 240 peer-reviewed publications, has a h-index of 39, an i10-index of 130 and more than 5700 citations. She is the co-chair of the research and innovation task force group contributing to the Pan-Canadian Action Plan for Antimicrobial Resistance.