Ana Julia Amezaga

Ana Julia Amezaga is an Economic Advisor with Transportation Economic Analysis (TEA) at Transport Canada. Her research interests centre on passenger and freight transportation, and environmental topics and energy in transportation. Her work at Transport Canada has included research on: the measurement of the financial and social costs of road vehicles in Canada for the Full Cost Investigation initiative, which estimated the full financial and environmental costs impact of transportation by mode; congestion cost, and road pricing analysis; and freight options simulation modeling to measure, monetize and forecast the full impact of modal choice.

After a period modeling carbon footprint and modal shift she joined efforts with the Predictive Analytics unit at TEA in building freight and passenger outlook projects. She is a member of the North American Transportation Statistics Interchange energy and environment working group since 2008; and she is also presently a member of the ICAO’s Aviation Competitiveness Index working group, a network concerned with building a global competitiveness index for the air sector. More recently, her projects have been drawn to the challenges of the air sector recovery, monitoring and visualization of key indicators, and long-term modeling of passenger transportation. As part of her duties at Transport Canada, Ana has mentored students from the Directed Research Projects in economics with the University of Ottawa.