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As part of its knowledge transfer strategy, the One Society Network will be offering online training courses during the period February 2022 – February 2023. These courses will support the development of a cohort of Highly Qualified Personnel who can provide One Society analyses to support public policy making in future pandemics.

Courses will be offered in two (2) categories:

1. Core courses that incorporate the key principles of the One Society approach to infectious disease modelling and capture the inter-dependency of health, healthcare and all other areas of social and economic activity within the society.

2. Sector-specific introductory and specialized courses with a focus on the comprehensive evaluation of alternative policy responses during pandemics, like COVID-19, on all sectors of the economy and all aspects of society. The  sectors of interest include health and social care, the environment, education, agriculture, transportation, the workforce, macroeconomy and interprovincial response. In addition,  the pandemic impact on population sub-groups, inclusive of marginalized communities, will also be evaluated.