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One Society Network Seminars

The One Society Network (OSN) is offering introductory seminars that give an overview of the dynamic connections between pandemics, like COVID-19, and diverse aspects of society. 

These seminars will explore the comprehensive impacts of pandemics and pandemic response on some key sectors of the economy and population subgroups, including the environment, education, agriculture and marginalized populations, among others.


  • To share knowledge and methods that incorporate the One Society approach to pandemic evaluation.
  • To support the development of researchers who can provide One Society analyses to complement public policymaking in future pandemics.
  • To encourage collaboration amongst researchers across Canada, by building capacity in interdisciplinary pandemic research.

Upcoming Seminars

Seminar dates and topics:
Please use the following link to register for one or more seminars: click here to register!

We would appreciate if you can share this series with your networks, affiliated organizations and other interested researchers.

Past seminars will be recorded and posted online at, shortly after the live viewing.

*The title and abstract for each seminar will be updated in the weeks leading up to the seminar.
*The views expressed in this OSN series are not necessarily representative of any organization involved.