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One Society Network Seminars

The One Society Network (OSN) is offering introductory seminars that give an overview of the dynamic connections between pandemics, like COVID-19, and diverse aspects of society. 

These seminars will explore the comprehensive impacts of pandemics and pandemic response on some key sectors of the economy and population subgroups, including the environment, education, agriculture and marginalized populations, among others.


  • To share knowledge and methods that incorporate the One Society approach to pandemic evaluation.
  • To support the development of researchers who can provide One Society analyses to complement public policymaking in future pandemics.
  • To encourage collaboration amongst researchers across Canada, by building capacity in interdisciplinary pandemic research.

Upcoming Seminars

OSN Seminar Series II, Session 4

Dec 15, 2022:Title: Preparing for Pandemics: Lessons from Financial Regulation and ElsewherePresenter: Professor Frank Milne and Professor David Longworth (frequent Term Adjunct Professor), department of Economics, Queen’s UniversityAbstract:Early in the COVID-19 pandemic it was becoming increasingly obvious that public health authorities, the broad health sector and governments were ill prepared to tackle the challenges presented. We were struck with how many of the weaknesses in preparation had broad similarities will those in the preparation of the financial sector and its regulators prior to the Global Financial Crisis of 2008-09. We therefore set out to describe (1) what one could learn from the changes made in financial regulation (and its governance) following postmortems that could be applied to pandemic planning and (2) two key techniques (stress tests and exercises) used in the financial sector and elsewhere that should be used regularly to test existing pandemic plans and improve upon them.

We set forth recommendations for carrying out postmortems on the experience from this pandemic, planning for future pandemics and establishing a transparent and accountable governance regime for ongoing implementation of all the elements of a pre-pandemic plan. Good governance, with an appropriate degree of independence for agencies and effective legislative committees, can increase the probability that pandemic preparation, including appropriate postmortems, plans, and implementation of plans, can be well done.

Good postmortems and plans are a prerequisite for running the types of appropriate stress tests and exercises (wargames) that aid in keeping plans up to date and reducing the likelihood and severity of the health and economic costs of a pandemic. These two risk management tools have been used in the past in both the health and financial fields, but they have not so far been considered as part of an overall system that we are proposing that would integrate health, social, economic, financial, and fiscal sectors to test systems and policy strategies.
Location: Online, 1 hourTime: 10:00 am Mountain Time

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*The title and abstract for each seminar will be updated in the weeks leading up to the seminar.
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